If you are thinking about booking Bluesoul, here is some information that will help you decide if we are the right band for your event. Please bear in mind that the band will normally only be available for two or three gigs per month. Consequently our diary is likely to fill up fairly quickly. We would recommend that if you would like to book Bluesoul, you should get in touch well in advance of the date you have in mind.


Bluesoul was formed in June 2018. Four of the six members of the band were in a successful Northern Soul band, the All-Nighters which toured the UK between 2012 and 2017 playing at a variety of venues, big and small. The other two members are experienced ex-professional musicians who over the years have gigged extensively in the UK and abroad.

The band members have a professional attitude and are motivated by a love of Soul music and the desire to play music to ‘live’ audiences. As a unit the band strives, within the boundaries of its line-up, to replicate the sounds on the original recordings of the songs they cover. As well as providing ‘live’ music, Bluesoul can also fill out your night with a great selection of popular Soul, Northern Soul and Motown music played through the band’s PA system sometimes at no extra cost.


Bluesoul is based in Westbury, Wiltshire, which is situated 15 Miles south east of Bath and 20 miles south of the M4 motorway. We consider venues in Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol and East Somerset to be local. However, we are prepared to travel further afield. Our previous band, the All-Nighters played at venues in Devon, South Wales, Berkshire, Surrey, Kent, Yorkshire and Lancashire. Gigs well outside our local area are only normally possible on a Saturday.


Bluesoul will play at most types of venues from small pubs and clubs through to large marquees and venue halls. The band would love to play at Soul events, scooter rallies and scooter club parties.

In some circumstances we will consider private parties and weddings. The music we play is great for dancing. But if you want to book the band based on your own love of Soul music you should consider whether or not your guests will also like this type of music. Although most of the songs we play are well known Soul ‘classics’, don’t assume the majority of your guests, in particular the younger ones, will be familiar with the music we play or will like a band playing music they do not know. It may be better for you to hire a dedicated wedding or party band. Bluesoul love playing to people who are into our music and hate to disappoint. Please bear this in mind when considering booking Bluesoul (or any other Soul band) for your event.


We are six musicians with a full drum kit and five separate instruments so to be at our best we need a reasonable amount of space. As a general guide our minimum ‘stage’ area should be around 18’ by 12’. We will also require a small table and chair off-stage for our mixing desk. The more space the better.


Bluesoul come complete with their own PA system. Our sound system is good for most types of venues up to medium sized halls and marquees. We also have our own lighting rig. For large venues and open-air events you may need to hire a separate PA system and engineer. Alternatively you can ask us to arrange this for you but the cost will be additional to our normal fees.


Bluesoul’s fees will vary depending on the distance we have to travel, the length of time we will be on stage and the length of time we are required to be at the venue. Our rates are very competitive compared to other six to ten piece bands. Why not contact us for a quote? (contact details are below or on the main Bluesoul page)


You can contact Bluesoul on the following numbers (or go back to the main page and use the email form): –

ROGER:   01225 351419
BILL:        01935 706196